Friday, July 10, 2009

Sleeping Kids

Why are they so adorable when they sleep?

Yoga Kids

My kids wanted to put on yoga clothes and do yoga a few days ago. They have an ABC yoga DVD that kept Athena's attention and Rowan's for about 5 mintues.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Last week I took Athena for a haircut. I just couldn't stand her asymmetrical look any longer. She has a habit of sliding her fingers through her hair and pulling out any hair that her fingers snag on. This led to the right side of her hair being as short as the new haircut, while the back and left side were almost halfway down her back. I am so happy with the cut. Her hair looks thick and full of life again. It was getting pretty pitiful. I was glad her favorite character right now is "Kit" from the American Girl doll series so I told her we could get her hair cut like Kit. What do you think?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Camping at Paso Picacho

Our playgroup had their annual camping trip last weekend. We had a lot of fun but were completely exhausted by the end. The trip was not without mishap. On Sat. night, Chris was playing with Ro and cousin D and accidentally pulled D's elbow out of place (nursemaid's elbow). My brother and sister in law had to rush D down to the emergency room back in the city while cousin O had a sleep over with us at camp. D's arm went back into place easily though and he was back to normal pretty much immediately. Just some added drama to our trip though! The highlight of our trip was on an early morning nature hike. We were actually following some deer tracks on the trail and then BOOM 3 deer rushed across the trail. It happened super quickly. I only saw 1, but Athena and Chris saw all 3 because they were in front of me. The kids also loved the day trip to green valley falls, who doesn't love playing in cool pools and waterfalls?