Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boo-Boos, Painting, and one cute baby!

Isn't he cute? He has just been cracking up lately. I love his personality, he is always so happy! I wonder so much about how he will be as a toddler and more.

After reading this months Mothering Magazine, I realized I hadn't let A do as much art now that R is here so we got creative. She really enjoyed it and it was a reminder to do more fun messy stuff soon. Maybe we can even invite friends over to do this soon...?

Athena got a big owie yesterday. She was all packed and ready to go to Sea World with her Nana, but it never happened. She fell running down our hill and was to upset to leave mom for the day. So we stayed home and she had a tea party with Nana instead. Her lip looked pretty fat for a while, but now it is just a scab. She is one tough cookie though!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Strawberries, The Fair, Nature Center and one crazy week

I have been so busy this week doing stuff that I haven't had time to post anything. On Tuesday Athena was supposed to go off with Nana to do something but she wanted me to go too. The week before I had promised her that next time I'd go with her and so I had to be true to my word. So off we drove, we were headed for Summer's Past but it ended up being closed. My MIL hadn't thought to check that before we drove there. I threw out the idea of Victoria's Garden since we were already in Lakeside and my MIL had never been, and since Athena was expecting a farm-like atmosphere. She had so much fun! She picked a pink basket to gather her berries in, it was very special! And the berries weren't bad. The lady who gives the strawberry "talk" is hilarious. She said to the group of parents, "Would you feed your child 1/2 a cigarette?" They all shook their head no of course. Then she tells them that when you feed your kids commercially grown strawberries that they contain 1/2 of the chemicals found in cigarettes. Anyway, the lady just makes me laugh.

Thursday, we went to the Chula Vista Nature Center. I thought that place was pretty cool and would love to go again, with Chris this time as I found it too exhausting alone. Athena was in rare form which made the trip extra exhausting. I didn't take any pictures as I couldn't take my eyes off Athena for a second. I am hoping one of the other parents posts some pictures so I can post a few. It really is a cool place and Athena really wants to go there again.

Friday was the big day! The Fair! Athena was performing with her dance class. It was a total nightmare driving there, and getting to the stage. It was worth it though to see her face up on the stage. She really had no clue as to the actual "routine" but she loved it anyway. You see, the teacher was out in the audience doing the dance so they could copy her only Athena didn't know this. Near the end, the teacher kind of hollered Athena's name and she finally started going, but it was all too funny. Was it worth the $70 class fee, $40 costume fee, and $12 for Chris to enter the fair (Athena and I got in for free and free parking)? I think not, but I won't tell Athena that! I'll post the video here soon once we get it downloaded! I also included a picture of her on her favorite ride at the fair. She rode it 3 times!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

SLO down! This ain't LA

We spent the weekend in San Luis Obispo visiting my paternal Grandma, Athena/Rowan's Great Grandma Ag. We got a call Thursday night that she wasn't doing well, and made a last minute decision to drive up the following morning. We left at 4 am hoping the kids would sleep the whole way. Rowan cooperated, Athena did not, but she was great on the drive other than being awake. The one time she did dose off, Rowan woke up to nurse so she slept a total of 1 minute. We spent some time visiting with all the family on Friday, but didn't see Great Grandma until Saturday. She hasn't been able to keep down food for the past 2 weeks and has lost 15 pounds or so. She is still mentally all there though so it was really good to see her. She got to meet her 2 new great grandsons and see her adorable great granddaughters too.
Although the weekend was exhausting, I am glad we did it. I've posted a few pictures of the family from the weekend. The best is that after 3 years of life, Athena spent her first night sleeping in a crib. She is a funny one. We ordered the crib for Rowan just to keep ALL sleeping arrangements open since we knew the queen bed felt really springy and figured it was going to be a rough night. Anyway, once she saw the crib she said, "I want to go in there". From there it was decided she'd stay and sleep in it which worked out great for us.
(from the top)
1. Cliff with Dante, Me with Rowan, Great Grandma, my dad with Oli, and Athena on the floor
2. My Uncle Ron, Aunt Sondra, G. Grandma, and Dad
3. Rowan dressed up in Uncle Del's glasses/hat
4 G. Grandma with Rowan, and Me with Athena
5. Athena in crib

Note to Vegans - We survived quite well by eating at the New Frontiers Natural Grocery Store, and the Natural Cafe in downtown. There is also a restaurant called Big Sky that has good vegan options. At the natural cafe we had chocolate soy shake that was the best I've had since this weird cult like diner closed in Berkeley.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bean Enchiladas - Yum

I loved everything about this dinner. The corn was perfect, and the rest was super easy. I rolled tortillas up with just a can of no-fat refried beans. Then I made "enchilada sauce", which was just a can of tomato sauce, mixed with chipotle salsa, onion, and garlic. I used some of the Follow Your Heart Monterrey Jack style cheese on top. That is the only vegan cheese I can eat, and even so just on occasion. I cooked it covered for 15 minutes and then uncovered for 5 at 350. On the side was a "salad" of pinto beans, avocado, tomato, red onion, and peas. I tossed it with olive oil, chili powder, and lime juice. This is one of my favorite meals. Athena just ate plain tacos which were the tortillas rolled up with just beans - NO sauce! oh, and she ate a half of an avocado.

Happy 3 monther Rowan

Rowan is officially 3 months old now. Right now he likes to suck his thumb and fingers, roll onto his sides, blow spit bubbles, get kisses on his toes, rub noses, get snuggles from his sister, ride in the sling, read books with big sis, and of course nurse! He is a wonderful little guy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Final Final Post on Ponzu!

Here is a picture of my go at Ponzu. It was delicious! It is technically Ponzu shoyu.

Trashy Breastmilk

Is it at all weird that my daughter is still nursing at age 3, but says my milk in a cup is too weird to drink?

Last night after I met up with the local Stitch n Bitch group there was a bunch of milk left in Rowan's bottle. We asked Athena if she wanted it since it was just going to go down the drain and she said sure. Then she made this puckered face and said "it tastes weird" and that she didn't want it after all. We then asked her what it tasted like, "um, um, it tastes like trash!"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ponzu Sauce

The Millennium Cookbook has an asian noodles recipe with ponzu sauce that now I will have to try. Let me know if you want to "borrow" the recipe and I'll pass it on. I'd try it tonight but I need lemongrass and sherry, 2 things I don't normally stock. Any other ponzu fans out there?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Union Station Wedding

We went to a super cool wedding this weekend in LA at the Union Station train station. Athena had so much fun. She really loved the band and just playing in the grass with Daddy. Rowan was a little overwhelmed by it all, and ripped the buttons off his brand new shirt, plus had a blow out diaper so we had to change him anyway. Athena was so happy he got to wear shoes for the first time. She had been waiting for the day to come. I'll post some pictures soon, it really was a lovely wedding and we had lots of fun, even with the kids. Of course we couldn't attend the pre and after parties, but we didn't really care too much.
Oh yeah, and we got to have "ponzu" sauce which was delicious. They actually served a vegan meal which was amazing since most weddings serve like steamed veggies only for vegans. We had grilled tofu in ponzu sauce with spinach and these cute little onion rings. Athena actually ate onion, I couldn't believe it. Now I'll have to search for a ponzu recipe as I liked it quite a bit!

Friday, June 08, 2007

My favorite peanut sauce recipe

My favorite recipe is in Moskowitz's Vegan with a Vengeance. It always turn out great every time and we all love it. I almost always make some baked tofu and broccoli with it, this time I also had peppers and onions. Athena will eat the noodles and tofu, but has to be coaxed into eating the broccoli and the peppers are "too spicy".

Oops I did it again...

Well, I swore I'd never ever cut athena's bangs again, but I did it again and what a mistake it was! She was so uncooperative, it was awful. I need to fix them but she won't let me so I decided to draw a kitty face on her and wait until tonight to try and even them out. I've never done them this badly before, but she just kept moving! Anyway, she is lucky she MAY be able to pull off this look, or else I could lie and say she did it herself!:)