Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boo-Boos, Painting, and one cute baby!

Isn't he cute? He has just been cracking up lately. I love his personality, he is always so happy! I wonder so much about how he will be as a toddler and more.

After reading this months Mothering Magazine, I realized I hadn't let A do as much art now that R is here so we got creative. She really enjoyed it and it was a reminder to do more fun messy stuff soon. Maybe we can even invite friends over to do this soon...?

Athena got a big owie yesterday. She was all packed and ready to go to Sea World with her Nana, but it never happened. She fell running down our hill and was to upset to leave mom for the day. So we stayed home and she had a tea party with Nana instead. Her lip looked pretty fat for a while, but now it is just a scab. She is one tough cookie though!


lola coca-cola said...

That's a seriously cute family you've got there.

chanale said...

Rowan is one handsome devil!

I was going to post about the art article from Mothering, too. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I didn't know why I bothered to keep subscribing to Mothering as it focuses so much on babies (which I don't have anymore), and then hours later I get the current issue in the mail and see a couple articles I really like.

lao80 said...

Poor thing. That lips looks like it hurts.

Rowan is super cute! I don't think I've seen him not eating or sleeping.

We have a water table. I bet there some kind of arty thing we could do with that.

The kids hated the peanut sauce

erika_deanne said...

Rowan is sooo adorable! And poor Athena! Nathalie got a gnarly boo boo today too!

KleoPatra said...

What cuties... your family life is never dull! Sorry A hurt her lip! i'm sure it's all good & healed by now. Great photos. i love this blog!!