Sunday, June 24, 2007

Strawberries, The Fair, Nature Center and one crazy week

I have been so busy this week doing stuff that I haven't had time to post anything. On Tuesday Athena was supposed to go off with Nana to do something but she wanted me to go too. The week before I had promised her that next time I'd go with her and so I had to be true to my word. So off we drove, we were headed for Summer's Past but it ended up being closed. My MIL hadn't thought to check that before we drove there. I threw out the idea of Victoria's Garden since we were already in Lakeside and my MIL had never been, and since Athena was expecting a farm-like atmosphere. She had so much fun! She picked a pink basket to gather her berries in, it was very special! And the berries weren't bad. The lady who gives the strawberry "talk" is hilarious. She said to the group of parents, "Would you feed your child 1/2 a cigarette?" They all shook their head no of course. Then she tells them that when you feed your kids commercially grown strawberries that they contain 1/2 of the chemicals found in cigarettes. Anyway, the lady just makes me laugh.

Thursday, we went to the Chula Vista Nature Center. I thought that place was pretty cool and would love to go again, with Chris this time as I found it too exhausting alone. Athena was in rare form which made the trip extra exhausting. I didn't take any pictures as I couldn't take my eyes off Athena for a second. I am hoping one of the other parents posts some pictures so I can post a few. It really is a cool place and Athena really wants to go there again.

Friday was the big day! The Fair! Athena was performing with her dance class. It was a total nightmare driving there, and getting to the stage. It was worth it though to see her face up on the stage. She really had no clue as to the actual "routine" but she loved it anyway. You see, the teacher was out in the audience doing the dance so they could copy her only Athena didn't know this. Near the end, the teacher kind of hollered Athena's name and she finally started going, but it was all too funny. Was it worth the $70 class fee, $40 costume fee, and $12 for Chris to enter the fair (Athena and I got in for free and free parking)? I think not, but I won't tell Athena that! I'll post the video here soon once we get it downloaded! I also included a picture of her on her favorite ride at the fair. She rode it 3 times!


lola coca-cola said...

So cute!!!

chanale said...

Their website doesn't say anything about being organic - do they really grow using only organic methods just without the certification? I'd love to go to another farm, but after how DD behaved at the lavender farm today, maybe I should wait another year.

veganmomma said...

I am not sure exactly to be honest. The woman just says they are chemical free. I feel like I asked her about it a few years ago and she said they were pesticide free and grown using organic methods but I don't really remember. I wish I knew, they do taste really good though.

lao80 said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Looks like lots of fun.