Sunday, June 17, 2007

SLO down! This ain't LA

We spent the weekend in San Luis Obispo visiting my paternal Grandma, Athena/Rowan's Great Grandma Ag. We got a call Thursday night that she wasn't doing well, and made a last minute decision to drive up the following morning. We left at 4 am hoping the kids would sleep the whole way. Rowan cooperated, Athena did not, but she was great on the drive other than being awake. The one time she did dose off, Rowan woke up to nurse so she slept a total of 1 minute. We spent some time visiting with all the family on Friday, but didn't see Great Grandma until Saturday. She hasn't been able to keep down food for the past 2 weeks and has lost 15 pounds or so. She is still mentally all there though so it was really good to see her. She got to meet her 2 new great grandsons and see her adorable great granddaughters too.
Although the weekend was exhausting, I am glad we did it. I've posted a few pictures of the family from the weekend. The best is that after 3 years of life, Athena spent her first night sleeping in a crib. She is a funny one. We ordered the crib for Rowan just to keep ALL sleeping arrangements open since we knew the queen bed felt really springy and figured it was going to be a rough night. Anyway, once she saw the crib she said, "I want to go in there". From there it was decided she'd stay and sleep in it which worked out great for us.
(from the top)
1. Cliff with Dante, Me with Rowan, Great Grandma, my dad with Oli, and Athena on the floor
2. My Uncle Ron, Aunt Sondra, G. Grandma, and Dad
3. Rowan dressed up in Uncle Del's glasses/hat
4 G. Grandma with Rowan, and Me with Athena
5. Athena in crib

Note to Vegans - We survived quite well by eating at the New Frontiers Natural Grocery Store, and the Natural Cafe in downtown. There is also a restaurant called Big Sky that has good vegan options. At the natural cafe we had chocolate soy shake that was the best I've had since this weird cult like diner closed in Berkeley.


chanale said...

That shot of Athena in the crib is too funny. :)

Jen said...

I've been wondering where you were... tough times but glad you went! Athena in the crib is funny, she looks tired. What a nice looking family!!

Jen said...

Oh I almost forgot...Hannah has those same pj's!!

KleoPatra said...

i'm so happy to "meet" you and hope you will stay in touch on the blogs until maybe we can meet in person... i'd dig that!

i love SLO and have eaten at the same places you metion here, Big Sky and Natural Cafe. Both wonderful!! SLO is like my home away from home... all of coastal central CA is where i feel "best" other than here in San Diego.

Lookin' forward to reading more of your posts about you and your family. i don't have kids except for my deaf older doggie, Mattie (very kid-friendly, btw) if you can consider her a kid, so maybe at some point we can have a "play date" and all hang out somewhere.

Have you been to El Zarape on Park Boulevard? Across the street fom All Vegan. EZ has vegetarian and vegan burros to die for, really! And Trolley Barn Park is right around the corner...

Hope we can meet with some of the other locals some time, that would be very cool... i may have scared Lindsey off, i commented on a ton of her posts earlier today and she probably has not a clue who i am! Hope that's not the case...

And your kids are adorable!