Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beach Day

We headed out for a great day at the beach today. We tried to lighten our load and left the camera at home though. Rowan slept the entire time, the ocean must have lulled him, and Athena and Chris played and played down by the water. Usually A will run back and forth up to see Mommy as she can't stand to be away from me more than a few minutes, but today was different. She stayed down by the water for over an hour and loved every minute of it (as did I). Now if only we can streamline the beach process. I seem to over pack every time and never know just what we will need. Oh, and I got the worst weird sunburn. Only on my knees and lower thigh. That sucked! I can't wait to do it again though, well not the burn, but the beach!

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lola coca-cola said...

I've totally had that sunburn before; it's weird!