Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mother/Daughter, Shoe Store, and food

The mommies showing off their slings with babies!
Athena played shoe store the other night. She has A LOT of shoes. Most of them aren't real practical though. She tends to choose those ones though, just to drive me crazy! I counted and I actually bought 6 out of 12, the Grandma's are to blame for the rest.

I had to post this because I can't believe how cute Rowan is. I just love his big opened mouth smile. Both of my kids were/are masters of that toothless grin. Now when is he going to sprout that first tooth?

Here is what's been cooking this week:

From VLV, Pureed chickpea pasta sauce (minus the fresh herbs). I wonder how much better it would have been with the herbs? Without the herbs, it was kind of weird at first. I grew to like it though once I added some hot sauce and some veggie bacos. I don't think I'd make it again though. If someone else made it, I definitely eat it, but just not my one of my favorites and I don't have time to waste on food that I don't LOVE.

At first glance, this may look rather boring, but it was my first attempt at making burger buns. I used the recipe from vegweb and used a combo of Stone ground Whole Wheat and Whole Spelt flour. They were really yummy but tasted more like a roll than a bun. I don't really know the difference, but that is the only way I can think to describe it. Athena really like them and wanted to bring one for her snack at school the next day with some FYH Monterrey Jack Cheez. She loves that nasty stuff!

Chris' night in the kitchen was a success. I made some chipotle tofu sour cream and he made the tempeh tacos. We didn't really use a recipe for this, just kind of faked it through after looking at a few recipes on vegweb. Lots of avocado and homemade tomatillo salsa made them extra yummy. I could eat these tacos everyday!

This was a random dinner night where I had to whip something up in 10 minutes, you know those kind of days!? Anyway, I just have to say that ketchup makes an excellent stir fry sauce when paired with tamari. You may have never thought to try this on your own, but my family always loves my crazy sauces. Chris always asks if it is Ponzu, but I would have to say NO. Just my weird style cooking. And yeah, we doubled up the carbs that night, I love that Bread and Cie bread, especially when dipped in the Balsamic Flax Oil from VLV.

Last night I also made a crazy weird dinner involving ketchup but I was so hungry I didn't take any pictures. It is a kind of curry (just a slash of ketchup). I was wondering if anyone knew why frozen spinach is so good. I could write a whole post on that though, I really love how you can just throw it in a pan and it magically becomes this perfect spinach, no dirt to worry about it!


erika_deanne said...

ROWAN is so cute and so big and I haven't seen him in way to long! I really need to bet my but to the park!

erika_deanne said...

oh and I must add that every 3 yr old definitely needs 3 pairs of crocs! (Nathalie has 2; however one of the pairs has a broken strap and were replaced by her dantie (err auntie))

KleoPatra said...

Love this post. Rowan is the cutest baby!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... if you have time, i hope you will peruse some of the older posts and let me know what you think... i'm still getting through some of yours... so if you see random comments all over the place, hope you don't mind.

Went to Vegan Zone on Hornblend in PB today. Had the pepper steak wrap. SO GOOD!

veganmomma said...

I'll have to try the peeper steak wrap next time I go. That sounds great!

lao80 said...

Ramsey would be so jealous if she saw how many shoes Athena has.

That picture of Rowan is really great. You should frame it.

Diana Montes said...

rowan looks like chris in that pic!