Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegan Yummies

This stuff is incredible. If you like peanut butter, you will love this stuff. I can't stop eating it. It isn't very good for you, but for a treat, it is awesome. I wish it were organic, but alas...I bought it on my field trip to Whole Paycheck today. I usually shop at the co-op, but there are a few things that only WFs carries. The main reason I went was for the next item, a new kind of vegan "cheese" cracker. They were featured in VegNews this month. They are the eco planet ones. Now that Athena is in school, she keeps seeing the other kids eat goldfish crackers. I wanted her to have a fun cracker to eat at snack time. She was asleep when I got them out so Rowan modeled with them, but I hope she likes them tomorrow!


lao80 said...

Yum! There used to be a peanut butter shop Downtown, but I don't know if it's still there. They had tons of different flavors.

I'm so glad you posted about those crackers. Isaac and Ramsey are always asking for those fish crackers. I'm going to have to go to Whole Paycheck now.

KleoPatra said...

Ooooooh, i gotta try this!! Such a great photo on the bottom, too. Love it.