Monday, July 02, 2007

A starts school tomorrow and I am freaking out

I totally can't sleep right now. I am so anxious about tomorrow. I can't decide if I should stay the whole day, or leave, or stay for awhile and if she freaks out when I try to leave, then stay. I keep thinking it all over. And while I was laying there thinking I heard Rowan in the cosleeper make some noise but didn't look (because you know when you look they always wake up), well then I looked 5 minutes later and he had rolled over, tummy to back. I have laid him on his stomach to sleep since he was a newborn but he sleeps most of the night on his side or back with me. I wonder if he prefers it, or if the roll over was a fluke? Now it sounds like he is awake, I guess the back isn't good for him, or at least not for me since he has only been asleep an hour or so. I'll post more tomorrow about the big day, I hope I stop freaking out!


chanale said...

I hope all goes well today! Will the school allow you to pop in any time you want?

Jen said...

I hope Athena had a great day at preschool!!! I can't wait to hear all about it.