Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mock Tuna Salad

I made this Mock Tuna Salad today. It was pretty good. I was really scared to make it because some of the reviews said "it tastes just like tuna" and I wasn't sure that was a good thing. Also, it reminded me of my horrible experience with TUNO when I was newly pregnant with Athena. I didn't know I was pg yet and I picked it out on a weird craving one day. When I decided to make it the next week (when I knew I was pg), my morning sickness began. It was like the Tuno triggered my morning sickness. I never felt well again until Athena was born! So anyway, the mock tuna salad was pretty good. I ate 2 sandwiches worth and Chris had 3 (I know we are pigs!). The only thing I would do differently is to mash the beans up in the food processor first as mashing them by hand in a bowl left some hard chunks of bean that I didn't really enjoy. I didn't give any to Athena because it contained too many things she just doesn't like. She had regular hummus instead.


chanale said...

That looks a bit like Isa's VwaV recipe minus the seaweed (that I'm going to make soon).

For me, it was the smell of mint that made me vomit (well, everything did, but especially mint) - I had to replace everything from vitamins to toothpaste to shampoo.

veganmomma said...

I meant to add to the recipe description that I put a little dulse in it. One of the vegweb reviewers suggested that.
I had to get rid of the baking soda toothpaste but the mint was ok during the pg. It if funny how we all have something.

lao80 said...

I've been curious about that recipe and I'm glad to see someone tested it, that I know.