Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GTM Finds

GTM treated me well today. The most exciting find was the Kidz Dream Smoothies. I'd been wanting to buy them for Athena to try. I thought they'd be nice for playgroup or camping. I was also really happy to find a couple little stainless bowls with lids. I am slowly phasing out plastic, nothing drastic, I just do what I can. If you don't know about GTM, then check the link. It is a discount store, but they have 1 health food aisle with great stuff for cheap sometimes.

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KleoPatra said...

YES! You hit the jackpot. GTM is my go-to place. Have you been to both Lemon Grove and Santee? i haven't been to either in a few weeks... and i see what i missed!! Love GTM, like you can imagine... They rock my world. i know you know the aisles that have all the goodies... hee hee!