Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday at the Beach

Athena in water with cousin Ethan (4), Daddy, Aunt Cita, Baby Patrick (1), and Uncle Greg and Cousin Liam (6) are in the background in the yellow raft. They were loving it.

Chris teaching Athena to surf on Nana's "pink" body board.

We joined up with our 3 nephews at the beach this Saturday. They had so much fun! Her cousins are a blast, so full of energy. After the beach Uncle Greg wanted to stop at Robertos for old times sake. Chris and I figured there wouldn't be anything vegan there but we still wanted to hang out so we thought we go just for the fun of it. Then Athena wanted FOOD, so I ordered her a side of avocado and some corn tortillas. They gave me an entire avo for $1 which was nice since most restaurants charge a dollar for a slice or 2, and Athena was happy to get to eat with her cousins. I didn't even ask about the beans and rice, I just assume Robertos is BAD for vegans. Who knows?


chanale said...

I haven't heard of Robertos, but speaking of Mexican food, I wanted to thank you for recommending Pokeys to me once upon a time. That's some of the best cheap food I've ever had, and it's quite a treat being able to choose from most of the menu.

Did Athena use the body board in the water at all? I saw some young kids using them next to their parents in shallow water at La Jolla Shores last week.

veganmomma said...

I'm glad yo liked Pokez! My husband loves it because he likes quantity! It is cool that they have so much to choose from.
Athena did lay on the body board in the really shallow water, but we never let go of her since she can't swim at all yet!

lao80 said...

I like the picture of her surfing. I would love to see the expression on her face.

BTW I saw at that ice cream shop in OB, the one really close to the end of Newport by the water, they have Soy Delicious ready to be scooped. Cool huh?

lao80 said...

Do you have the Everyday Dish DVD? I want to see it.

veganmomma said...

Cool about the vegan ice cream, always good to know, especially for Athena.
I don't have Everyday Dish, would be cool to check it out.
OH, I meant to tell you, I saw some veggie shrimp at windmill farms and thought of you...

KleoPatra said...

Hey neighbor! i'm a former La Mesa-ite and OBcean now living by Mission Trails.

Just found your blog thru Textual Bulldog and have to say hello! HELLO!!

Great to see a vegan in the 'hood and also will be looking at your blog more thoroughly from now on.

Just in reading in this comment area, i have to tell you that i love Pokez too for its variety (like SIPZ in that way) and also that i didn't know Windmill Farms (so close to me!) had veggie shrimp nor that the ice cream place at the end of Newport had Soy Delicious!

The things i learn... hope to hear back from you when you have time!

Karen, off Mission Gorge Road in SD

veganmomma said...

i'm not sure if the veggie shrimp was vegan, but worth a check i suppose.

lao80 said...

Honestly, I think they freaked me out a bit to much for me to want to cook them at home.