Thursday, July 12, 2007

Athena's new sleeping spot

Athena has been wanting to sleep with us again. I am not ready to have her sleep in our bed again as it has been just over a year since we gave her the boot (very gently, don't worry). Anyway, I decided to set up a little spot for her on the floor that she can sleep on each night if she chooses. She is really liking it and it hasn't really affected our nighttime routine at all which is what I was so afraid of. The TV is in our room so it has cut our TV watching down to zero, also a good thing. I could totally live without the TV, but I think I'd keep it just for movies.
Here is my question though, she asks me why daddy gets to sleep with me? I don't know how to respond. I've told her it is because he is my partner and that is what we do, that she will do it when she is older. I also told her about how she slept in that bed when she was smaller but that we all didn't fit well and weren't getting good rest. Anyway, I just feel kind of guilty when she asks me questions like that because I remember being a kid and thinking that it wasn't fair that my parents got to be together! I also keep reminding her that when Rowan gets older he can sleep with her if she still wants him to and she seems excited about that. She wants to do it NOW though.

Athena is doing well at school. She is described as "quiet" by her teacher but that she is doing great. I can see her getting more comfortable each day. Everyday she brings home paintings and each time they have used a different technique. Today she said the made "salad paintings". Lucky for me, I used to teach preschool and knew she was talking about a salad spinner . It is cool to see how she progresses with the changes. At first she didn't talk at all, then she only talked to her teacher, and now she is starting to talk to the other kids. She is learning new songs and reading interesting books, but most of all she is exploring and playing a lot. It is such a neat place, makes me want to go back to preschool!

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