Monday, July 09, 2007

What we've been up to

Rowan all cute and drooly these days. He loves to roll over and find his toys now.

Athena is back in a new dance class for the summer. Actually, same class but different time and kids. She still loves it. I keep hoping she will change her mind so we can do something else, but she continues to want to dance...and go to gymnastics (which we don't do anymore). With school now I feel like it is more than enough but she wants to do more. She will start soccer next month. Am I crazy or what? I think it will be a good way to channel her aggressive side but who knows, it may just do the opposite. Wishful thinking...

We made these muffins for one of her school snacks. They are adapted from a recipe in How it All Vegan (fruit filled anything goes muffins). We made them with spelt flour, maple syrup, hemp milk, blueberries, bananas, and ground flax (for the egg replacer). Also a little cider vinegar, baking powder, and salt. I also let her put 1 chocolate chip in the middle of each. They were pretty good considering they were healthier than a lot of muffin recipes we like.
You can see in the corner of the picture my recipe book open to VLV to the Sunflower-Lentil Pie recipe. I didn't include the picture because frankly it had NO eye appeal. It was pretty tasty though but I think if I include the picture you won't want to make it! Athena wasn't too into it. She ate 3 bites, and the on the third one she decided it wasn't worth swallowing so I had to wipe it off her chin and shirt. I was shocked she even went for a third. The edges were crunchy but the center was mush and she liked the crunch. Oh well, I'll keep trying. She did enjoy her frozen grapes (we call them popsicle grapes). I am sure they are a total choking hazard but we live on the edge sometimes. I keep meaning to cut them before I freeze them but I haven't yet.
I baked these peanut "better" cookies from VLV for a mother blessing celebration I went to on Saturday. They also turned out well (sorry for the ugly baking pans though, man I should get some new ones, any recommendation anyone?). The mother blessing was awesome and I will totally throw the next one for anyone I know who gets pregnant, OK?


chanale said...

We really liked the sunflower-lentil pie (and for the same reason you gave didn't take a photo)!

Funny you should mention hemp milk. I bought hemp milk for the first time yesterday. K mentioned she couldn't eat soy, so I thought I might make soy-free vegan muffins for Thursday's craft day/potluck. I browsed the co-op shelves for whatever was organic with the least amount of added sugar. But anyway, I'm still debating about whether to make any muffins because I've already decided on the "gel-oh" from More Great Good Desserts Naturally that has just 4 ingredients: agar flakes, water, fresh-squeezed OJ, and blueberries.

veganmomma said...

you really plan ahead! I think the hemp milk worked great in muffins and didn't have the "taste" that it does plain. i have had jello like products in a while, that sounds fun. I hope I can make it thursday. A has school but Rowan and I will try and make it.

lao80 said...

Those cookies really were good.