Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kale and Tofu Delight

I made the "Speedy Gourmet Kale and Tofu Delight" from La Dolce Vegan tonight. I pureed the heck out of the kale so that the small girl would eat some. I knew if it was caked on to the tofu she might give it a try. She totally loved it (dipped in ketchup of course). I also toasted almonds instead of pine nuts since we were out. When I put it on our plates and tasted it, I noticed it was rather bland (as suspected), so I whipped up some "Sweet Red Wine Vinaigrette" to go with it. This made it quite tasty and we really enjoyed this meal. The picture doesn't do it justice, sorry my photography skills are lacking.


lola coca-cola said...

I don't think it's your photog skills that are lacking; some food just doesn't photograph well, even though it looks great on the plate and is delicious.

KleoPatra said...

This photo's great, i don't know what you mean. The food looks super, too!!!

lao80 said...

Green and brown food is never as cute in pictures. I think it's looks good.