Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birthday Party

The party was so much fun, or at least so I heard. I did have a good time talking with the few people I actually had time to have a real conversation with, but the kids really did seem to have a genuinely good time. Athena loved doing the pinata and the cakes were fabulous. Our friend Kim made some really awesome cakes, and Kelli and I made cupcakes that complimented them quite well. The food was nice and we got a lot of compliments on it which was good since we were stressing about it so much. So it was a good exhausting day. It really did turn out very well. Athena covered herself in paint when we got home and opened all of her presents excitedly. So, that was the party. The pictures tell it all.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Birthday Girl

I can't believe 3 years ago today I gave birth. Athena has been such a wonderful addition to my life. She is the most awesome kid! She has taught me a lot over the past 3 years and I am so proud of the young girl she is becoming. Today I've tried to say yes as much as possible and let her call the shots. We started the day by waking up extra early to be on KUSI morning show with a musical guest named Asheba. She was to dance and sing in the background while he performed his version of the "no more monkeys" song. She was a little timid, but had a big smile and shook her hips back in forth with her classic dance move. After that she informed that she was too tired to go to playgroup so we did our party shopping and had lunch at La Salsa (that is where she wanted to go). She took a 2 hour nap so I guess she wasn't faking being tired. Anyway, so far it has been a good day. Now she is waiting for Daddy to come home so she can open presents!!! Here are a few pictures of her doing her favorite things with her brother.
And the one on top is a picture of baby Athena!

Hummus Tortilla Pizzas

I made these last night from the Vive Le Vegan! cookbook. They were super yummy. I sprinkled some hemp seed nuts and homemade "parma" (ground walnuts with nutritional yeast) on top and left the onions off of athena's. I also added avocado hair to hers since she loves avo. Oh, and I didn't have hoisin sauce for the veggies so I just used some balsamic vinegar and ketchup.