Monday, August 25, 2008

Still alive

I'm still here, survived our first move. There will be another in our future. We our renting a place for now, our house is sold, and now we can just hope to find a new house soon.

Rowan was majorly sick all weekend. Most likely rotavirus. Poor guy was just a limp noodle for about 48 hours. Thankfully he was still nursing or he would have had to be hospitalized I'm sure. Today he is improving, had a good appetite. I'm thinking we've turned the corner, but this illness has had its ups and downs so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Athena is doing beautifully with the move. She wants us to buy a condo. She loves having an upstairs, and swimming with Dad every day. We even got to have lunch with him today right at home. That was nice!

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Eileen said...

Congrats on making it through the move! I had a hard time leaving the my babies first house too, but it sounds like the condo has some nice benefits for an "interim" home.