Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Preschool drop out

I officially withdrew Athena from preschool this week. I haven't been happy with her teacher(s) this year and just decided it wasn't worth the drive and money for mediocre schooling experiences. I am relieved to have the decision behind us and am looking forward to spending more time with my girl. Next year she'll be in kindergarten full time and I am going to savor every moment we have together these next few months. She is really growing fast and so mature already. She learned to ride her big two wheeled bike, tie her shoes...what is next? It is going to be weird not taking her to school anymore as it really was a big part of our routine, but I'm sure we will find a new routine that works for all of us. I most likely, will not continue with Rowan's parent participation class as I would have to find regular childcare for Athena and it just doesn't seem worth it to me. I am thinking of signing them up for a fun class with the extra money we are saving. Originally, Athena wanted to take swim lessons but now she is set on dance. We will see what we can figure out. So, that is what has been going on over here. We've been having a lot of fun these days, enjoying the beautiful weather, lots of bike riding, and enjoying our quiet time at home as well. I haven't been doing anything spectacular in the kitchen, just cooking up our normal meals: chili, chana masala, burritos, pasta. I hope to get inspired to try some new recipes soon.


Sabrina said...

Congrats on your decision. Pulling Ava out of school has been awesome. The time we have together has been priceless! I am so impressed- Athena can tie her shoes and ride her bike! She must be turning 7 not 5.

DJ said...

I second that - I know a lot of mums who work part-time or full-time and think I'm crazy for spending all my time with the kids. But Rory will be in state nursery five days a week from August - the time passes SO quickly. Far better he spend the few years before formal schooling with a mum who loves him and has the time and the inclination to do cool stuff with him and teach him about things through experience, than palmed off on some disinterested third party.

Anonymous said...

There are parent participation sibling classes, perhaps one of them would be worth looking into? I know foothills has a few, including one for kindergarten readiness.