Thursday, June 12, 2008

SF Post

We had a great weekend in the bay area but I'm so behind I am going to be quick. This video made me laugh out loud because the kid in front of us was a real pain. I totally let Rowan pull on his vest because a minute before he had told me to be quiet when I made a train sound. He said, "No one can make sounds!!!" Sheesh. This was taken at the steam train in Tilden Park, Berkeley. I always dreamed of taking my kids here when I lived up there. They loved it, well, Rowan was a bit scared, but I think he still enjoyed it for the most part. Plus, he picked up a new hat as part of the deal which he adores.

The new hat.
Rowan with our gracious host Ansel who allowed us to invade his home for 4 days, take his favorite toys, read his favorite books, gouge his eyes (ok just Rowan did that), eat his food, and all with a smile on his face. Seriously, he is one cute kid and I'm so happy we finally met him. We owe you big time Diana and Jeremy!!!
We went to a super cool park in Oakland. All of the parks there seem to have been redone and not in those hideous brightly colored plastic ones that we have all over our city. Not that those are so bad, but why do they all have to look the same!? I like how the boys were "parallel" playing.
There was a creek at the park too (Temescal Creek), and well, Rowan can not resist "WaWa" no matter how cold or murky it may be!
Dinner at Herbivore.
Fairyland and Habitot photos to follow in part 2...

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Wild Mountain, Coast and Desert Cook Books said...

Great to see your trip. Fun times, revisiting Berkeley,"bay area", Diana, Jeremy and Ansel with photos and vids. Thanks, nana g.