Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I haven't felt like writing much here because I haven't figured out how to download photos onto my laptop. We've got rid of our computer desk and main computer to help declutter our house while we get ready to sell it. So I'm adjusting to life with a laptop. Honestly, I do know how to download the photos but I don't know where the cord is and I've been too lazy to look for it. So, just wanted to let you know that I'm here, we are eating good, parenting as best we can, enjoying life. Athena has been saying all sorts of things to her brother lately that make me laugh, cringe, smile etc. Here are a few examples:
"Rowan, what is WRONG with you?" (insert teenage attitude voice and cringe)
"Wow, Rowan, you are such a good Daddy" (while Rowan was pushing dolls around in strollers with her. smile.)
"Rowan, you are making me crazy!" (laugh or cringe depending on the situation)

They are actually playing together now a bit. It is so amazing to watch their relationship develop.


Bridge said...

nice to hear from you anyway...more Vegan recipes please!

knrush said...

Waiting patiently!

Jen said...

what kind of laptop...it took me a long time to figure out mine...