Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rowan is totally working it!

Rowan is having a real language explosion, although of course you'd have to be his mother to understand most of it. I'm really enjoying it, each day he puts new things together, even 2 words sometimes! So today while we were picking up dinner, the cashier was putting our food in a bag and Rowan made eye contact with her and starting saying and signing "more, more, more". For Ro that means, "Give me some food please." I thought it was hilarious since he just barely saw her putting the food in the bag, he must have been really hungry!

Tonight when I brought him in to get ready for bed, we passed the table for what seemed like a second and he recognized the package of animal cookies and starting signing/saying "more" and then signed for cookie! I could not say no even though he was about to go to bed because I was so amazed that he was being so specific! "More cookie!" When he signs cookie it looks a lot like the way he signs a few other things but in this context it was pretty obvious (he kind of claps his hands together and twists them a little).

****Funny Car Conversations****
Athena: Mom, Rowan KEEPS putting his foot in my face!
Me: Maybe it's because he's a baby.
Rowan: (unintelligible) RaaaRaaaBAAADAAA
Athena: No, he says it is not because he's a baby.
Me: Well then why is he doing it?
Athena: It's because he is still LEARNING, not because he's a baby.
Me: Oh, O.K., that sounds right.


nch said...

I love the way Athena talks, I miss you guys.

VegMomma said...

That car convo is too adorable! I love it!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

This is too cute!