Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My friend Luci brought this over yesterday. I had never had gazpacho and I thought it was pretty tasty. Rowan did too. Athena on the other hand, does not eat soup, not hot nor cold. And speaking of Athena and food, she has always been a bit picky, but lately she is refusing to eat stuff that she used to eat. I'm really struggling to feed her because part of me thinks I need to not give her so many options but the other part of me understands her true dislike of so many things. She pretty much lives on carbs and beans. But she will only eat hummus (and it can only be garbanzo bean hummus) or refried beans. She hardly eats fruit, and even more rarely veggies. It makes me pretty crazy but I'm trying not to worry as she still does eat a varied diet most of the time and she isn't eating fast food. I just hope this is just a phase and doesn't get worse. Now when I tell her she has to eat something healthy, as in she has no other choices if she is actually hungry, she will always ask for nori. That is one thing I'm happy about, she still eats that almost every day, but would an apple really kill her?


The Suburban Correspondent said...

It's funny. Gazpacho is a Spanish dish and I never ate it in Spain.

Cute pics of Rowan!!

Anonymous said...

don't worry, there is nothing wrong with athena. that sounds like perfectly normal behavior to me. and you don't even know about the secret deadliness of apples. and broccoli even more so.


Shauna said...

Thanks for the comments S!
I love your blog and check it everyday. Your kids are so adorable!

Luci said...

Oh how flattering to have my gazpacho featured on your blog! yay! I'm glad Rowan liked it. Lola wouldn't really eat it, but Elise is my more adventurous eater and she loved it.