Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big 4!

We had a pretty fun day for Athena's birthday. Grandma came over in the morning and brought bagels, Grandpa and Mimi followed shortly after. She opened LOTS of presents and I think she got just about everything she's been asking for. Very lucky girl for sure. When everyone left and Rowan was up from his nap, we let Athena pick out where we would eat lunch and how we'd spend the afternoon. She chose Sipz Cafe for lunch and the UTC mall for play time. She loves the little water fountain there that the kids can play in. I tried to convince her to go to a "sprayground" or pool, but she would have nothing of it.
Rowan was super good during lunch, he actually is good at most mealtimes. It helps that he loves to eat. And if he doesn't get what he wants, he knows to just look on Daddy's plate to find the good stuff. He often whines to get in his high chair at home, it is kind of cute. As soon as he hears mention of food, he tries to climb up in his seat.
Athena got a complimentary piece of cake for her birthday after she finished off her favorite dish of BBQ "chicken" and brown rice. Since it was her birthday, I didn't even make her eat anything green. (Usually if she wants more food I ask her to eat a few bites of green food) She ate all of the frosting off, and not one piece of the actual cake. I was happy to polish it off for her. We were so pleased that they just knew to bring a pink candle too. She was super happy as everything is about pink these days, or months, or years at this point.
The kids playing in the fountain (although you can't see the water because Athena's foot was blocking the spray).
After the kids were dried off, they were ready for some more fun. Rowan went in the bouncy house with Dad while Athena and I watched from outside, and then I took the kids on the train. At this point we were getting pretty tired, but Athena had one more thing planned out. So we headed over to Pottery Barn Kids to browse. Of course she found a new doll to covet, but they actually both had a good time playing in there and we got out of there just in time before anyone had a meltdown. Finally, we headed home and both kids fell asleep in the car for a little car nap which was nice.
And finally, we HAD to replace her old glitter shoes because I couldn't stand to look at them any longer. She informed me though that she will still be wearing her old glitter shoes even though she is 4. Darn it! I'm thinking we'll have to save these shoes forever because they are probably the first pair of shoes she has ever really worn out. (The girl has lots of shoes {grandma} and usually outgrows them before they are destroyed. Not this time. I am really hoping the new pair will fill her glitter shoe void, but unfortunately I'm not sure it is going to work. I wanted to just buy a new pair of the same ones, but they didn't have her size in the old kind.


thedalyn said...

When I was around Athena's age, I had a stuffed squirrel that I refused to give up. It was filthy and duck-taped together and it even had a measuring cup inside to give it shape since some of the stuffing had come out. My mom bought me a new one which I refused. So, she made a big deal about giving the squirrel 'a bath' and put it in the washing machine where she had hidden the new one. A few minutes later she pulled out the new one and oh'd and ah'd about how pretty it was again now that it was clean. I totally fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Athena!


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Athena!
Congratulations Mommy on raising a beautiful little 4-year-old girl!