Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last Post Today, I Promise!

I got my haircut today and my lovely husband hasn't noticed. I'm waiting to see how long it takes. I even dropped a hint mentioning cutting the baby's hair, but no notice. In his defense he only saw me for about an hour tonight before he crashed out on the couch, but an hour is a long time not to notice something like that. Don't worry though, this is not unusual behavior from my man, I always play this game but usually I spill the beans after a few hours. This time I'm really going to try and hard and see how long it takes! So don't spill the beans and call him and tell him he should look at my hair because that will ruin my plan. Thanks!


ironvegan said...

you are killin me

veganmomma said...

Ok, so I didn't account for Chris actually reading my blog! Darn it!

LisaBella said...

Love it! hahahahahaahaaha

My hubbie hates finding out things on the blog LOL