Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taking Turns

We've all been taking turns being sick since Saturday so no holiday weekend for us. First up was me, I stayed in my PJs all day Saturday and Chris tried to keep the kids occupied best he could on a rainyish day. Saturday night Rowan developed a fever and he was out of it all day Sunday. I took off with Athena for a couple of hours to attend a birthday party which was nice. She had a great time and I ate 3 delicious cupcakes. Rowan and I were feeling much better by Monday, but not 100%. This morning started off pretty normal, I even took Athena to school with NO signs of illness. As soon as she got home though she started complaining of neck (throat) and ankle pain and I checked her and she was burning up. She assured me that she felt fine at school, it was only on the drive home that she started feeling sick. So she has been laying around all afternoon with a fever and no appetitite. I made her some popsicles which she proclaimed tasted like water, which was pretty much what they were (I added just a little juice for flavor). I tried to keep Rowan busy so she could rest and we had a good time. He bit me super hard on my leg though and left a bruise! He also threw his lunch and then had a fit when I took the plate away, threw legos at me while saying "no, no", bit me a few other times, yeah, he's a real handful these days. He is so darn cute though I have a hard time telling him no or being firm in the least. I'll be glad when the throwing stage is over and his vocabulary develops beyond the 10 words or so he uses regularly. (mama, dada, dog, ball, nuhnuh [athena], no no, dah dah [trash truck], Da Duh [cousin Dante] duck, numanumanum or dubadubadub [nursing], hat, and more) He also signs a handful of signs like more, banana, bath, diaper, hat and ball (which he does a throwing motion even though I always modeled the ASL sign). There are more words and signs he has used, but those are by far his favorite. I could of sworn he said cookie a couple weeks ago, it was like "ki ki". I'm actually surprised that wasn't his first word knowing who his mother is:) Mostly he just whines an "uh unh uh" sound all day to get his point across. Anyway, back to the sickness, it looks like Athena will be sick tomorrow and miss her swim class :(, and Chris will probably get sick over the weekend with our luck. I'm really hoping he doesn't get this round but it seems inevitable...Hoping the rest of you are healthy, we should be soon!

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VegMomma said...

I've missed out on so much!!! I guess I have a lot of Vegan Momma reading to do. :)