Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 year old check up and funny toddler

Athena had her check-up today and surprise surprise, she is doing quite well. She is still a BIG girl, topping the charts for height (90th %ile) and weight (80th %ile). She was super good at her appointment and cooperated in doing an eye exam, hearing exam, peeing in a cup, and talking with the doctor. Her doctor was impressed with all she knew and all she had to say. I was proud of Athena for being so cooperative because Rowan was being a real handful. It was too cute though because he wanted to do EVERYTHING Athena did, right down to peeing in the cup. He follows her around most of the day and wants to do what she does. If she is coloring, he wants to color, if she is reading, he is, if she is peeing in a cup, well, then why not him too? So Rowan was upset because I took a crayon away from him when he was supposed to be drawing like his sister, BUT he was actually sneaking tastes of the crayon. Sorry buddy, but no.
Other funny Rowan stories:
I've been teaching Rowan about the potty and he just recently started to understand and run to the bathroom. He just sits though, doesn't actually use it, but it makes me smile because he sits down for a second and then wants to get up right away and wash his hands. Then he will sit down again and want to wash his hands again, but I usually only play the game once. So today I was showing him his doll that sits on the potty, and put his potty right next to "Paul". I left the room to get his diaper and when I came back he had traded potties with Paul. It was absolutely hilarious to see him squatting over this tiny 1 inch high/3 inch across potty.
The other funny thing that Rowan does is blow his nose. He'll pull off a piece of toilet paper and blow it, or grab a towel. His little scrunched nose is soooooo adorable. I love that he mimics us so much. He is always helping Chris out in the yard digging with his shovel. Only bummer is that he often digs up the stuff we just planted.

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Rowan is so cute!