Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Missing 2 pieces

I was at G.T.M. today and found a pyrex bake 'n store set for $23.99, on the box it said it was missing 2 pieces, but I decided it was still worth the price since that would mean it had 9 dishes with 9 lids most likely. I opened up the box and was surprised to find just 8 dishes with their lids and 2 extra lids. But the amazing part of the story is this...I bought the 2 "missing" bowls on a whim last week at G.T.M., thinking that maybe I could just buy the lids from their website or something. I have know idea how these 2 bowls got separated from their family, but now the 20 piece set is reunited in my kitchen and it feels so good.


The Suburban Correspondent said...

I love heartwarming GTM stories. You also got it before anyone could tackle you or elbow you.

veganmomma said...

I left the part of the story out about when I totally had to push Kelli (yes my very own SIL) out of the way to get to the pyrex. But you see, if she'd gotten this set, she'd be out 2 bowls because, this set was just, um, meant for me.

julia said...

wow, it was totally meant for you! kismet!