Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't play ball with me!

I sent my friend to the hospital tonight for stitches! Yikes! It was a total accident but we met up to play softball with some friends in the park and while we were supposed to be "not hitting the ball very hard", I nailed her in the face and split her lip open. Needless to say, I feel absolutely terrible! I really wish it would not have happened, but it did, so I just keep saying I'm sorry! Anyway, maybe I should stick to batting cages for now? Chris keeps saying it was too much softball in my childhood playing the "Lakeside girls". He may have a point there but seriously, I haven't played softball since I was 10! Anyway, just wanted to warn anyone who may have thought of crossing me that I can do some pretty mean things with a baseball bat!
Here is a pic of my friend that I stole without permission from her blog.


Luci said...

Um, yah, I will attest to the fact that you shouldn't ever play softball with Sara! Ha ha!
Honestly, I felt worse for you than me! Everything is AOK, pinky swear!

The Suburban Correspondent said...

LOL, those Lakeside girls were tough! I would have gone to CIF if it weren't for a Lakeside girl. Too funny!