Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Bad Mom Club

Tonight I thought I'd join the club of bad mothers, you see, I haven't grocery shopped all week and each night I've been barely getting by come dinner. Monday night I made lentil soup and cleaned out the crisper of wilting veggies by throwing them in the soup. Tuesday it was pasta with peanut sauce. And tonight, well, tonight it was waffles. And then I decided to use up some seitan and make BBQ seitan sandwiches. Both the waffles and seitan sandwiches were delicious but pretty void of any nutrition. I used the waffle (1) recipe from the Joy of Vegan Baking and they were nice. I did use 1 cup of buckwheat flour instead of the all purpose so that we weren't indulging too much in refined flour. Other changes were sunflower oil for the "vegan butter" and rice milk was the only non dairy milk in the house. So you may now be wondering why exactly I'm in the Bad Mom Club, right? Like feeding my family those meals doesn't sound too horrible, does it? Please say no!
What happened was that tonight while I was making the waffles, Rowan climbed up on a stool and burned his hand on the waffle iron. The lid was down but man it is as hot as an oven on top. I saw him reaching for and jumped to his rescue but I was a few seconds too late. Luckily, he seem to have a very quick reflex and pulled his hand back quickly and then he just had the saddest look on his face. I felt awful, because it was all my fault! I quickly put his hand under some cold water and checked the damage. I actually couldn't figure out where he was burned which a relief to me as I figured it wasn't as bad as I first thought. Then in the bath, every time he put his right hand in the water he'd pull it out and give me this sad face like "ouch", and I kept saying, "Yes, owie, hot," etc. etc. Anyway, I think he is going to be fine as I really don't see any burn yet, but man that was a close one. The thing is, that I had just taken him out of the sling. I guess that was a bad idea. I put him in his high chair with a cooled down waffle to eat while I finished cooking and luckily Chris came home shortly thereafter because it was stressful over here. More blogging to come, I'm so behind.

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