Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ant Sized Adventures

I signed the kids up for this class through one our regional parks. It sounded right up their alley. They learn about different animals that live in the area, sing songs about them, go on a nature hike, and do a craft. We were a little late today, but the kids still had a blast. We are looking forward to attending again next month.

This opossum was the "special surprise" for the kids when they returned from their hike. We were told there would be no live animals in the class, but there just happened to be an opossum rescuer at the park that day so he showed the kids this little critter. They loved it. I even learned a thing or 2 about opossums today.
We saw tons of these woolly bear caterpillars on our hike. Rowan was absolutely enthralled by them. I couldn't believe it. He just loved them. He was very upset when we found one that wasn't moving and was a little squished. He kept saying, "no, no, no!"
Rowan and his buddies checking out the caterpillars.
Rowan checking out the coyote skat - did he have to get THAT close!?
And Athena happily with the opossum. The teacher really wanted to meet Athena because she loved her name so much. There is a plant there with a goddess name, although it is named for Artemis, and its common name is California Sagebrush.


Luci said...

We're doing this next week and I'm really excited! Good to know that you all had so much!

DJ said...

That sounds great! I wish we had more of these kinds of activities round here - especially for when Meg is on vacation from school!

Iris said...

We have to sign up, it looks like so much fun!

Sabrina said...

We are doing this next week. We are looking forweard to it! Glad you had fun!

Elaine said...

We're going tomorrow. Since I was a sicky last week, she stuck me in this week. Sorry we missed the opossum though!