Sunday, April 19, 2009

Backyard Fun

It was really hot today, like 90 degrees hot and the kids were pretty worn out from a BUSY Saturday so we took it easy this afternoon. We set up some fun water play in the yard and the kids had a blast. I was tidying up the toys and was quite surprised to find this little guy hiding under one of the toy bins. I am fairly certain I jumped about 20 feet before I realized it was just a lizard! The kids got a good look at it and I snapped a few photos.
I didn't feel much like cooking with the heat and all, but whipped up some pasta and veggies and everyone (except Rowan) seemed pretty happy. He didn't like that there were flecks of green on his pasta (broccoli). When did he get so picky!? So, it was a pretty lazy Sunday around here, and I feel pretty good about that.

"We won't need a bath tonight!" (Athena)


DJ said...

We had a similar day in Bathgate - lovely when it's nice and warm but it definitely puts you off spending too much time in the kitchen!!! And good on Athena for giving the old 'bathtime-getout' clause a try!

Jen said...

That lizard has such a LONG tail! I would've jumped too! Sounds like a fun day for such a hot one!