Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Play Trucks #2

I posted one video of this on facebook but since I couldn't decide between these videos I am posting a different one here. Rowan loves to play guitar these days. He wants to bring it to the park because on Monday he saw a man playing guitar in the park. I thought that was pretty cute but haven't let him bring it to the park just yet.
Rowan is talking all the time now. He has a giant vocabulary and learns new words everyday. He used to call motorcycles "momos" but now is calling them "motor cycle cycle". He does this adding extra syllable thing a lot. Helicopter will become "helicopder der der". It is hilarious. He is very observant. On Monday he was trying to kick people a lot and when I asked him about why he was doing it he said, "Rowan big boy". I think he has been watching how some of the bigger kids play and picking up some of their moves. He can be aggressive at times, but recovers quickly and usually shows affection and shares apologies with his victims. He is learning. I kind of figure he is exactly how I remember little boys from my childhood. They may kick you or throw sand at you but what they are really saying is, "Hey, do you want to play?" He is mostly just a sweetheart though and a total clown. He is easy to get into fits of laughter. He really likes to sing the beehive song. (Here is the beehive, where are bees? Hiding inside where nobody sees. Take a look inside the hive. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)
Today he had his 2 year old check up and he is quite healthy. He weighs 31.2 pounds and is 37.5 inches (although the way they measure their height isn't the most accurate so it could be off by and inch or so). He has a 20 inch head (BIG) and huge feet as well (8.5/9). His favorite toys are cars and trucks. He loves to ride scooters. He loves superheroes (even though he doesn't watch the cartoons). His favorite foods are sweet potatoes, tortilla chips, and almost any fruit.

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Carol Graber said...

Really cute. Is there a new musician coming up? Great doctor visit too.