Monday, September 21, 2009

Soccer Kids (and Mom)

The ultimate soccer mom.

(More cute Athena soccer pix to come. I was coaching so I didn't take any, and Rowan was having a hard time so Chris was too busy with him)

Athena has played 2 soccer games so far on her team "Green Meerkats". I'm the coach! It has been fun so far, but it sure is a lot of work at times. Athena loves soccer this year (so different than last year), she even scored her first goal of the season this weekend. She is so proud of herself. Rowan was so jealous of Athena's soccer team, and me being the coach, that I felt I had to find him his own team. I found a league called "Little Rascalz" that started with kids his age. So far he likes it, but he wants me to be right with him most of the time, and he often refuses to kick the ball and would rather play "football" (that is what he says) and carry the ball from place to place. Oh well, he is only 2 so I'm not too worried about that. He always wants to go back and "see my friends" and always asks "why" practice is over at the end, so I think he is having a good experience.


Sabrina said...

You are the ultimate soccer mom! Sounds fun. I am glad you are all enjoing it :)

Lucca Blue Del Frate said...

sara, you are sporty spice! :)