Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's back...veganmofo starts tomorrow

Hopefully MoFo will get me back on the blogwaggon this year. I was successful last year at posting every day for the month of October, AND it has to be a vegan food related post. I'll be posting a wide variety most likely, such topics as cute vegan kids, what they eat, new products we've tried, and maybe some restaurant reviews. I already know what I'm going to write about tomorrow...pumpkin scones. I may also include some of my lunch ideas for Athena's school lunch, now that I have to pack one everyday. Looking forward to reading lots of awesome vegan blogs and hopefully "meeting" some new people along the way.


DJ said...

Love vegan mofo - such a great unifier! And always so many cool things to read about!!!

denise said...

cool! i'm looking forward to it...i'll try to get back on the every day kick, too, only i'm not vegan so i can't join...thinking about it, though...i could use a nutrition overhaul so we'll have to talk more or i'll have to read your blog more this month!