Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So unfair, but Rowan is 11 months

So unfair:
After nursing (literally) Rowan through 4 days of the flu I got struck. It has been pretty bad, but my fever seems to be gone. Chris has stayed home from work the past 2 days which was a big help and gave me time to rest each day. But the kids are missing mom so I really hope to be back to normal soon. Rowan still gets plenty of time snuggling since he still nurses at least ever 2 hours, but Athena hasn't gotten much time with me. She has napped with me on the couch the past 2 days which was sweet.

Rowan is 11 months old today! I can't believe my baby will be 1 next month, makes me get all misty eyed and stuff. He is doing amazing things these days. He walks more and more each day and is getting pretty good at it. I'd say he walks much more than he crawls now. He is also beginning to grow his vocabulary. Everything with 4 legs is "Dah" (dog). "Dah Dah" is (Dad). His clearest word is "Hi" which he says everytime he sees the phone and sometimes holds his hand to his ear (his sign for phone). He also mimics sounds really well. Like if we say "ahhhh" he says "ahhhh". He says "bye" inconsistently and "mama". He is just getting so smart. I'll say "Rowan do you want to go eat?" and he will walk to the table.
Rowan is an excellent climber too. He has crawled on top of many things we didn't think he could. He still adores his big sis and follows her around so much (too much for her sometimes). I just love him to death. I'm getting ready to post my birth story too now that we are nearing his birthday! I have notes to help me remember everything. So, I'll write more when everything is back to normal. Hooray for Ro!

And one more thing he does that is THE most adorable. He jumps! He doesn't get air but he stands there and "jumps" over and over when we say "jump". You have to see it!

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