Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cupcake party

Climbing around like an official toddler.
Eating some "treasures" under the table...gross.
Climbing with cousin Dante.
Looking like such a big boy at his birthday party.

At our playgroup Friday, we consumed 50 cupcakes as a group. That is just crazy! I brought some and wannabeurbanhousewife brough the rest. I made 3 different kinds, all from VCTOTW. First were the cookies and cream, then were chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and organic vegan sprinkles, and the last batch were for my girlie girl, beet colored pink cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles (regular golden vanilla cake on the bottom). They all turned out so well, and urbanhousewife's were delicious too, plus she didn't use any yucky shortening or margarine but successfully used coconut oil instead. Very cool.
We had a joint party at the park for our kids since they share a birthday. Enjoy the pictures.

1 comment:

julia said...

I still can't believe we all ate 50 cupcakes.

I think I missed the entire chocolate/ganache batch. I wasn't even *that* late, too! Go vegan cupcakes, go!