Monday, March 10, 2008

Tag, I'm it

I've been tagged by VegMomma:
This is really harder to do than it sounds for some reason. Hmmm.
1. I was the valedictorian of my high school even though by the final report card sent after graduation, I actually wasn't #1 anymore.
2. I was a kindergarten teacher before the kids entered my world. I sometimes find it surprising I have no real desire to go back to that since I spent so much time and money getting to that place.
3. I was super painfully shy in high school, but now feel like I can talk to just about anyone.
4. My husband and I actually went to high school together, although we weren't friends during that time (but did know of each other since he was friends with my brother). We re-met while I was in my final year of college (undergrad) through my brother and were playing music together. I was trying to learn how to play guitar but gave it up after awhile because I wasn't getting good fast enough!
5. I went vegan when I was 18 and I immediately stopped getting debilitating stomach aches.

*I will tag Wannabeurbanhousewife, MindlessRamblings, DaytoDayVegan, and anyone else who wants to play.
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1 comment:

Luci said...

alright, alright! I just have to come up with 5 things that are interesting about me and I'm pretty sure I can't think of any! ha ha!