Friday, July 25, 2008

Athena and marriage

Last weekend we were having dinner at my mom's house with my bro/SIL and family and Athena and her cousin O were talking about getting married. O has a plan of marrying Athena. Athena started to respond to this (and I thought she was going to say no, they couldn't marry, but this is what she said instead):

"Two girls can only get married if one of the girls looks like a boy." She went on to say that O did in fact look like a boy so that they could get married, and both seemed happy with that plan. I keep wondering if she made that up because of an observation, or if she just made it up because it made sense to her. Either way, it made me laugh.


earthmama said...

made me laugh too. cute.


Lisa said...

She is too funny!

DJ said...

I love it - kids have a reasoning for everything!