Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mom v. 4 year old

Athena has sure been "testy" lately. Sometimes though our battles end in both of us laughing because we realize how ridiculous we both are. Like tonight for example, who sounded more ridiculous?

(Athena, rolling her tofutti cutie all over the table, leaving a lovely chocolate trail)
Me: Athena, stop rolling that all over the table or I'm going to eat it!
Athena: Stop always saying that to me or I'm going to take you away from here!
How do you respond that one? I just started laughing and said I'd eat her cutie while she took me away and then we were all just laughing.


Sabrina said...

Ha! I am laughing now too and Ava wants to know why I am laughing.

erika_deanne said...

I love the humor Nathalie brings into my life, its nice to share little moments like that with our 4 year olds isnt it?