Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pride Parade

Last weekend we went to the Pride Parade. The kids really enjoyed it. My Dad started a blog here, and I'm stealing his photos of the kids since I haven't been taking many pictures. Athena loved all the free stuff but said her favorite thing was the clown who made her a dog balloon. Rowan loved everything, especially the motorcycles. Athena actually wants to be a clown now when she grows up. It was super funny because we always talk about what she'll be when she grows up and she always says, "a mom". When I tell her she can be something else and a mom she has always said that she'll just be a mom. I was telling her all sorts of things she could do like fly an airplane and she was like, "what will I do if I have my baby on the airplane?" I tried to explain that she would be fine bringing her baby on the plane if needed. "No, mom, I mean what if my baby comes out while I'm driving the plane!?" So that possibility alone totally ruled out her dreams of becoming a pilot, I mean, what would she do? I even further explained that she could take a break from flying when it got close to her due date but she'd have nothing of it.

Back to the parade, I have to admit, I got all teary eyed when this family of 6 walked by in the parade. It was a simple message they carried, just a banner that said "Married at Last", and on the reverse it said "Thank you California". I thought it was awesome.


VegMomma said...

That is awesome! What a great day.

Mamasphere said...

Such a cute story about Athena! What would she do indeed.

I always miss this kind of stuff. I feel so out of the loop way over in Oceanside. Hopefully next year we'll be at the parade!

Bridge said...

Yeah! That is wonderful to see families living their lives. Thank you California is right.