Sunday, December 28, 2008

Athena on Ice

I took Athena to Ice Town today for her first time. She did really well and I think with a little more practice she'll be skating on her own quite soon (probably just 1 or 2 more trips will do the trick). We had a lot of fun on our girls only adventure. Rowan was napping at home the entire time with Chris so everything worked out just perfectly. I decided to put both videos up because the second one cracks me up (and why do I always forget that when you are taking a video not to turn it vertically?)


LisaBella said...

That's impressive balance!!

Luci said...

Aw! Lola loves to ice skate too! let's take the girls together one day when we can leave the younger ones at home!

Kary said...

She did really good!! :)