Friday, December 19, 2008

More picture pages

Athena went to circus class this month and loved it. She is surprisingly flexible (her genes wouldn't lend to this), has good balance, just needs more strength to do some of the exercises.
This is how Rowan felt when cousin D didn't want to go in the bouncy house with him. :(
Athena taking a break in the bouncy house.
My "twins". I walked the boys around the mall for a tiny bit and got to pretend they were twins for about 5 minutes. It was fun. Aren't they the cutest?
Trying to get 4 kids to look at the camera after posing with Santa. Athena looks repulsed by something.
Try again. (and again, I have about 8 of these and they are never all looking)


DJ said...

Awww - such cutesters!

lao80 said...

I love when they're all no looking. ;)