Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Athena's afternoon out

I took Athena to the Old Globe Theatre to see a performance of "The Grinch" today. We also went last year and hope to make it a tradition for as long as we can. She loved the show, and wants to go again and again. I could hardly lift her for the photos. She is getting so big. Yesterday she drew an awesome picture of Chris surfing and even wrote the words by herself "Dad is sfe" (Dad is surfing). It was cool because when she sounded out "is", I heard her say "i", "z", but then she wrote an "s". I don't know if it is because she knows that word now, or if she just made a backwards "z", but I'm liking to think that she just knew the word. Alright, mommy bragging over.

When we got home from the Grinch, we picked up Rowan for dinner and came home to some Morrissey videos playing on the computer. Rowan was really enjoying the songs, and he really started to channel Morrissey, especially the hair.

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DJ said...

Rowan has rad hair! Me and my daughter Meg went to see the Nutcracker this year for the first time - another chrismassy treat! It's nice to establish family traditions like this.