Saturday, August 01, 2009

Big catch up post

I haven't posted in awhile, but summer has been a lot of fun so far. We've spent a lot of time at the beach/bay and spent a lot of time with friends at the park. Athena is really good at riding her bike now, and Rowan is just beginning to pedal his bike. Athena is also swimming really well, her teacher said she is ready for Level 2 which means more practice on the actual strokes, etc. She can swim half way across the pool by herself which is the main task separating a level 1 from a 2. 2 weeks ago, I began a parent/tot swim class with Rowan and 7 of his friends from playgroup. This class has been a lot of fun and I can already see the progress Rowan is making. He is enjoying the pool much more now and even tolerates the teacher putting him under to swim to me (not his favorite activity, but he handles it).

We went ice skating today which was a blast as always. Rowan just LOVES it so much. I think he will play hockey someday or be a figure skater because he is very happy on the ice. Rowan is still a clown. He has a great sense of humor. He has been out of diapers for 3 weeks now, and while he still has accidents, he has more accident free days and is doing awesome with using the potty. At playgroup friday, another mom noticed him wearing underwear and asked him, "Are you going on the potty now?" and he replied with a little smirky rowan face, "No, not in the potty, on the floor." What a little stinker! Today we were talking about my birthday and Rowan asked me, "Mommy, how old you going be? 6 or 5?" It was so funny. Whenever anyone asks how old he is he answers either 3 or 4, and people often believe him. Rowan is super sweet and gives lots of hugs and kisses and will say, "Mommy, I love you." He does it to Athena too.

Chris and Athena had a backyard camp out last night. Rowan decided to sleep inside with me. Rowan and I had a great night sleep and Chris had to wake up at 5 with a wide awake Athena:(

So, as you can see, we've been very busy. Athena is also taking a summer dance class and she really enjoys it. We won't continue that class in the fall though because soccer season is starting soon! That and she'll be starting kindergarten in September. I'm still deciding on what school to send her too. There is a brand new schools starting that I'm leaning towards, but they have a lot of work to do this month to get the school off on the right foot. I have a good back up plan if that doesn't work out so I'm not too worried, just don't want to regret making the "wrong" decision.

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DJ said...

Sounds like you're having a busy and fun summer!