Monday, August 10, 2009

Tee ball

Rowan had a lot of fun playing tee ball at the park Friday. Some kids were there and they let him play, he didn't want to leave when it was time to go home. He talked on and on about wanting to get a tee ball set for himself and how I would take him shopping. I had JUST taken him shopping for a new backyard pool and some diving sticks so it really wasn't in the budget. Plus it seemed like one of those things that my kids REALLY want but then play with for one day. Anyway, after his nap he was crying on and on about wanting a tee ball set and finally I said I would not be able to buy him one but that we could make one. The kids followed me around the house as I set out for my supplies. A wrapping paper tube, a box, and some packing tape (couldn't find the duct tape). They watched in awe as I created my tee and then they tried it out and had a good ole time for about 20 minutes and have not really touched it since!


DJ said...

...and that's why you make it out of cardboard instead of spending a load of money on it! LOL

knrush said...

A perfect solution! Good work mama.