Thursday, August 06, 2009


The other day we were eating lentil soup and Rowan started saying, "Remember when we had a lentil car?" We were perplexed, trying to figure out what on earth he could be remembering. Finally, he jogged my memory by talking about when my car got bumped and I realized he was talking about a RENTAL car. That was a funny one.

He also constantly cracks me up by mimicking me. Today when we got back from Athena's splash camp he was asking her if she had the girl teacher or the boy teacher. (This was a big deal to her).

And this morning we were talking about our dreams and Rowan said, "What Daddy dream about?" (he wasn't home). I said I didn't know and Rowan said, "Maybe Daddy dream about work!" For Chris' sake, I hope that wasn't the case!

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live said...

love the "lentil car"...i so need to write down more of the cute things my children have been saying...i'm challenging myself to blog every day until the end of the year and i'm going to send you readers in the next few days...finally figuring out how to "subscribe" to blogs i follow so hopefully i'll keep up with you more!