Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday/Anniversay Stay-cation

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary. Chris took a couple of days off work which gave us time to take a long weekend. We spent the weekend at the Bahia Hotel on the bay here in San Diego. It mostly seems to appeal to tourists, but we were attempting to be tourists in our own city for the weekend so it worked out just perfectly. The hotel had a nice pool that the kids begged to visit everyday. It had a nice big shallow area that even Rowan could walk all around. The bay was just a walk outside the door and across a little parking lot. We went out on a pedal boat one day which was fun. I have a rule where if you ever have an opportunity to rent a pedal boat that you have to. I've pedaled those boats in random cities all over the world. The hotel also gives you free tickets to ride on the "Bahia Belle" a steamboat that cruises the bay. That was pretty fun as well. I also tried out my new roller blades down on the boardwalk while Chris ran with the kids in the stroller. All in all, it was a great weekend. The kids behaved so well and were all tuckered out by the end of the day. They slept great! The hotel room had 2 double beds and a couch bed so Athena took the couch, Chris had his own bed, and Rowan slept with me. That arrangement was great because the beds were pretty small. I was worried about Rowan rolling off the bed, but he never did. So, here are some photos from our adventure.
Dinner in our hotel room.
On the bay.
The kids lounging on the bay. I loved these little spots.
Ready to pedal.
Cruising our "private" beach.
In the pool.

These seals live at the Bahia. I felt a little sorry for them but they were rescued and are blind, so life could be worse for these two. The kids loved them as they were super cute.
We NEVER get photos of the 4 of us, so I asked some stranger to snap this one.
Ready for the blading/run.
Athena on her blades.
Night park. The hotel has a tiny playground on the bay that the kids just loved!


DJ said...

It looks like you guys had an AWESOME time! Such a nice idea to do the tourist thing at home - too often you can miss the hidden gems in your hometown through plain old complacency!

denise said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love you being a tourist in your own town...I love living in San Diego!