Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy Day - Nice Sipz Fusion Cafe story

Yesterday was a busy day. Athena went back to preschool and had a great time. She had really been looking forward to it and picked out her outfit the night before. She chose her pink "Life is Good" t-shirt because her teacher wears one too sometimes.

Rowan turned 6 months.
He is getting around more and more and tends to lunge out of my arms now because he wants down. He loves to explore and find things on the ground to put in his mouth. Today he found a piece of straw from a laundry basket, then chewed the tag off the basket, a leaf, bits of his sister's rice cakes, etc.
He is also very vocal now and says "da da de de" a lot. He still is super easy to get to laugh and smile. He stares at people when we are out just waiting until they make eye contact and then practically jumps out with a big goofy grin.
He still loves Athena more than anyone. He doesn't even care when she gives him a strangle hug, BUT I DO. I always have to tell Athena that. She is the typical older sister, always telling me that he likes it! I remember my sister saying that about me and it wasn't always true so I think I am more defensive toward the younger one!
He is sometimes sensitive and cries when things get too loud or others are crying.
He loves the water and swam in Grandma's pool when it was warm enough, but most enjoys the bath seat with his sister in the front of the tub to entertain.

I got some kind of raging sinus issue (maybe allergies?). I feel pretty lousy but not enough to warrant staying in bed all day, although I wish I could have today.

Athena wanted to go to Sipz for a special back to school lunch. It was really hard to be in a restaurant with both kids. Athena was fantastic, but Rowan was cranky and grabby. He has an incredible reach and kept grabbing my food and drinks. I tried to keep him busy with my straw, spoon, and water cup. We shared the chicken salad and bbq chicken with rice. I also had a thai iced tea, a real treat for me but since I was feeling crummy I needed a little pepping up. Anyway, the story is just that I had just finished nursing Rowan in not a rather indiscreet manner (he is easily distracted), and was approached by 3 men (2 brothers and a dad). I was thinking, oh great, I am going to get harassed for breastfeeding right now, great. But I was wrong. The younger son (maybe in his late 20's) just wanted to say that he and his brother were raised vegetarian and not to let anyone make you think that it can't be done and that your kids won't be healthy. His brother was 6'8" too and weighed the same as Rowan when he was born. It was just nice to hear a friendly comment about the way I am raising my kids, and who knows, maybe Rowan will grow to be 6'8".


chanale said...

That was so nice of him! I'll bet Rowan will be over 6 feet. :) In another 20 years, he'll be writing a vegan ironman triathlete book.

(I always expected to be chewed out for nursing in public, because I often did get nasty comments or evil glances, so I would have thought any strangers approaching would give me a piece of their mind.)

erika_deanne said...

this is a great story! Rowan is 6 months! The time flies...Its funny I am more defensive of the older child, as William seems to always bully Nathalie and try and take her stuff. Maybe because I was the older child?