Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Orange Chicken Style Tofu and baby carrots

I made this from vegweb today. I really liked it and served it over wild rice and added spinach to the mix. Athena ate a few bites and then said, "This isn't really the kind I like". So we got out the ketchup and she finished off her plate and asked for more. I think it would be really good with seitan and can't wait to try that out.

While we were dining on tofu and rice, Rowan had his first taste of food. He seemed interested in the carrots we served him and banged his tray for more. He didn't eat much, but seemed to enjoy being part of the family meal. He liked feeding himself with our assistance. We will try to take it real slow as I know breast milk is still all he needs (he will be 6 months tomorrow!). I am using the baby food chart that is included in Vive Le Vegan as I feel it is a safe way to introduce solids, minimizing the chance of allergies.
MMM, carrots!

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