Sunday, September 30, 2007

almost standing, first pumpkins, tikka masala(not)

I keep finding Rowan pulling himself up on this basket. So far, I've only seen him get to his knees but Chris said he stood up the other day. Athena started pulling herself up at 6 1/2 months so I guess he is following in her footsteps. She also got her first tooth, so we are waiting around. There are bumps but no sign of a tooth just yet, other than the biting!
We tried to time our pumpkin patch to be ready for Halloween. I don't think they are going to be quite ready though. We are having fun watching them grow. Here is the "patch".
First pumpkins!
The moments I live for! (Oh, and the tiny gap in the middle is where I was before I got the camera, they like to sandwich me)
I used this tikka masala mix to fix up a delicious dinner last week. The "chicken" was tempeh and then I didn't really follow the recipe included which is why my dinner wasn't really tikka masala. It was darn good though. I added coconut milk and veggies. Chris and I loved it, Athena of course was not impressed. There were way too many things mixed together and too many spices. She ate her helping of rice and bread though and tasted the sweet potato, tempeh, and broccoli.

Our weekend was crazy, I am so tired now. Saturday Athena had soccer in the morning and we headed to the beach for the afternoon. My sister was camping there and it was a beautiful day. On our way home we picked up Sipz for dinner. We had left Chris home to paint the living room. He stayed up painting until 2 am to finish the job. We are trying to get our house ready to put on the market which means I have to disappear with the kids for the day and Chris gets projects done. Wish us luck.
Today I played soccer and my team had only 9 players which means we played 2 players short. I am only supposed to be a sub and had to play the entire game, well, almost. I quit halfway through the second half as I had pulled a leg muscle and was just feeling DONE. I also wanted to get home early to shower so we could head to the Adam's Ave. St. Fair. Grandpa was playing there and so Athena got to finally see him on stage. We were calling it "Grandpa's recital" and she loved that since it was something she could relate to. We were supposed to go to a birthday party later on in the day, but I was beat. We stayed home and the kids were cranky and tired until they went to bed. I didn't take a picture of dinner, but it was kind of funny. I boiled water and made a 'Tasty Bite' Punjabi eggplant dish (that is out of a package for those of you not in the know), and microwaved rice and veggies. Isn't that pitiful?! It tasted good though. Now I am off to nurse my sore muscles and get some sleep.


Diana Montes said...

what? You're moving? Have you been looking at homes? Are you moving back to O-town (haha, yeah right)?
Maybe your pumpkin will be ready to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
I love the pic of the kids sleeping. A scoots up right next to me, too. This morning I snuck out of bed and squished some covers next to him since Jeremy was 2 feet away, but he figured out that it wasn't me pretty fast and woke up.

Anonymous said...

great post, the food looks good.